A post about sisters.

When deciding to write the novella that I am currently working on the place I started was thinking about sisters. I have a brother who is 4 years older than me so the idea of having a sibling the same sex as me and especially if she was the same age or similar, well it’s… Continue reading A post about sisters.


A Revenants allure. (A poem about vampires.) Like the instant before your eyes close and your body gives in to sleep, Like the ache in your throat that bulges and grows when you weep. It’s like the eruption of purple thunder, growing vast in the skies, It’s like the crack deep in your stomach, when you’re… Continue reading

One of my favourite poems of mine, about the places I have lived. Let me tell you where I’m from. First the estate with squares of houses. Where the neighbours bricks reflected in our windows. Where girls played football on the car park, and the boys played football on the green. Where the old man… Continue reading

A little poem about flowers

I have some flowers on my windowsill and every morning I find them in a state of wilt. I take them to my bathroom, give their roots some water And by the time I return in the evening, they are lively and sprite. I find that so beautiful, how a thing that we take for… Continue reading A little poem about flowers