Just so you can all get to know me a little better, I will be posting a few of my favourite poems I have written over the last 2 years. Hope you enjoy them 🙂


The headlines rang out in black and white,
full of children running wild last night.
They were monsters setting the sky on fire.
They dragged out boxes full of money
and hid their faces under dark hoods and scarves.
The fury they created spread through our screens.
Like a virus it consumed our eyes and minds.
People gasped and gawped at the horror,
Britain’s youth had turned on its own Authority.
Vile displays of hot greed and anger
were fueled by fists and bats, shattering the days.
The leaders and the parents said it would scar Britain’s face.
But none knew these monsters were just little boy and little girl lost,
walking alone, who had no care or home, who were having to pay the cost.


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