What a poem is…

A poem is a broken heart.
A poem is a lonely evening by lamplight.
A poem is a crowd.
A poem is a lost child.
A poem is the ebbing and flowing wave of your imagination.
A poem is a trapped moth, searching for light.
A poem is a lover.
A poem is a society you hate,
or a world you can’t forgive.
A poem is an apology.
A poem is a goodbye…
A poem is the shining dewdrops from cold mornings caught on the grass.
A poem is a stormy sea.
A poem is the heat of a summers day and the chill of a winters night.
A poem is a dream you wish was true.
A poem is what your mind can make, of the darkest, and brightest days.


3 thoughts on “”

  1. Beautiful. These all are exactly my thoughts about poems. It’s like we are so similar. I was ELATED to read this piece.. It just penned down everything so fantastically.! Keep Writing. 🙂 🙂

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