A first hello and a little bit about what I do.

So I am completely new to this whole WordPress thing, I have had a tumblr blog for quite some time and almost two years ago decided to create a writing blog on tumblr along side my personal one. However, in an effort to connect with more writers and readers of writing blogs, I decided to create this little WordPress page. So, hello everyone. I am Bryony, an individual who finds social norms strange, finds it hard to sympathize with people but can always sympathize with her cat and who loves to write.
I spent a long time only really writing poetry, however, through a desire to become a novelist I am currently writing a novella/short novella based around the strange and dysfunctional relationships between:
1. Two sisters who’s relationship is explored through events in the past that shape their characters.
2. One of these sisters, Alice and a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Graham Pellman.
The story is marked by specific dates instead of chapters, so at the beginning of each passage a date heads the piece. I have been posting these diary like entries of prose on my writing blog on tumblr.
This blog I am writing through now I will hopefully mold into something that acts as a bit of a notebook, documenting thoughts and ideas.
So, there you go, I am a 20 year old University student with pants social skills who escapes into her own world through writing.
And you are?


10 thoughts on “A first hello and a little bit about what I do.”

  1. May I welcome you Bryony.
    My pen name is CpSingleton.
    I am just about to publish my ninth kindle book and have recently been paper published.
    Sounds more impressive than it is.
    I write near-obsessively about what I see and feel.
    Wordpress has been kind enough to allow me to mingle with a community of very talented and kind folk.
    Feel free to read my more modest pieces in comparison to some.
    Good luck and may 2014 be kind and prosperous to you, your cat and your family.

      1. And entertaining! We could wow them on that Britain’s got talent!
        I feel a silly poem coming on…

      2. Neither can I! I wing it! Lol
        I’ll put The Dance of the Faeries on in a mo. It’s not as humorous as I first intended. But hey oh. See what you think.

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