Some first WordPress Writings.

Hello all, I thought I would commemorate my first post on this WordPress blog with a poem. Its untitled because I am hideous at thinking of good ones.

An Untitled poem.

I think of you my dear,
when the windows in my room fog.
I think of you when the crunch of winter
hits the grass outside.
When the light dapples on my walls,
and when the chilled morning brushes my skin.

Hours have been filled up by you,
and nights have been consumed by you.
Yet my eyes long for something else.
My gaze wonders across the fields,
it reaches and yearns for another world.
Another world that is yet to come, that is yet to happen.

So I sit and fall into a waking dream as the day grows cold,
as the waning moon dwindles I will sit here til I am old.


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