The Fall of Uriel: Part I

Through an abyss of air and time
and through a stagnant layer of souls,
He drew down and down towards the world.
Our world lay hidden under a cloud of universes.
Behind a veil of dirtied cries and wails.
Ahead through the glimmer of stars,
He saw our earth hanging in among the black.
Shackles pulled him further on and on until,
he pierced the brink of our reality
and his fingers sank into being.

Pale, unused flesh clinging to him burned,
and under the scorch of the sun his eyes winced.
Once sharp sighted and quick his view became clouded,
the world around him was shrouded in an orange mist.
Falling and rolling against the empty sky,
feathers and bones didn’t stop his descent
and the swirling blooms of white disappeared in his grasp.
The tears that fell from his lashes floated upwards
and froze in the cool air,
only to fall far out of sight.

Stories of people hummed between his ears
and his solid arms shook with chill.
Solid, yes solid what had not been before.
Real bones and real veins trembled inside,
tingling sensations flooded his body
and his eyes couldn’t understand his form.
So long had he been like a shadow suspended on water,
so long a thing weighing less than frost,
that while travelling on the course for earth
he breathed a smile.

At last the azure orb appeared through the dim.
His every strain struggled on towards the world,
the world that was waiting.
He reached on and on for more feelings,
he didn’t care if he fell to the hard ground
and broke his new bones. Pain, a gift.
And as finally his translucent body cut through the blue,
and landed among the musty earth,
hoping to look up and find green as the moment of contact came,
all he saw was the looming malevolence of grey monsters.


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