Inspiration Challenge: Poetry

When it comes to what inspires me to write, weirdly enough, it didn’t start with books.
I was never much of a book reader, not until 2 years ago when, during a bit of shit time in my life, my mum convinced me to pick up Phillip Pullmans ‘His Dark Materials’ (which incidentally, will come later on) and I adored it.
My love for writing and passion for writing first came from poetry.
When I was little I had an A-Z of nature poetry and my favourite’s were, ‘The Eagle’ by Lord Alfred Tennyson and the first 4 lines that were presented in the book, of William Blake Auguries of Innocence (amazing poem). (the eagle) (auguries of innocence)

As I got older I have explored more poets and found a liking for the Romantics, especially Keats, who’s story I really connect to and his sonnet ‘Bright Star’ to his beloved Fanny Brawne is probably the only traditionally romantic thing I like. Keats’ capability to bring beauty into death and melancholy is something I do a lot in my poetry, and its not because I want to die, not at all its because the notion interests me. I also quite like Emily Dickinson, Shelly, Emily Bronte’s poetry, some WW1 poets like Wilfred Owen.
In my love for poetry I have created a very particular style to my writing, even when its prose and not poetry, I have often been told by people that my prose is very poetic, I see this as a good thing because I love in depth description and strong imagery but I know some people find all of that quite fluffy and a bit annoying..(they would be the people who won’t be reading my books haha)

I have made an effort to explore other poets but still Blake and more recently, Keats are my two favourites. With Blake I love how clever everything he writes is, even when its a bit tongue and cheek. He’s like a philosopher. And Keats well, his stuff pulls an emotional string in me, something that poetry, definitely should do.


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