Inspiration Challenge: Light.

Light, the absence of it and representations of it feature heavily in a lot of my writing. It’s quite an abstract topic really, the idea of light and dark, and the way in which it ‘inspires’ me is most definitely quite abstract and a little strange, but I will try and put it into a load of words that make some kind of sense.

Light and dark are two complete constants in our world and yet they have shades, they change and morph. There’s shadows and different textures of light, the kind you see sat out in the open under the sun and then the kind that filters through white sheer nets at windows, that has a completely different quality to it than direct light (I have probably lost you, let me try and get you back). Okay so, light, is always there, even through the absence of it, (because if there was no light the dark wouldn’t be the dark, that would just be how it is) and that fascinates me. It steadies me, and when I slip into the strange hazy trance like state that I get myself into before and during writing, various images involving different qualities of light kind of hang in my mind, the way that sun rays seem to hang in the sky without anything holding them up. It seems that this visual representation of ‘light’ in my head, offers something likening to what John Keats called ‘Negative Capability’, and like sun rays this image doesn’t feel solid or opaque its kinda porous and things seep through, words, rhymes, voices, so when I’m writing it acts as this inexplicable thing that centers me and concentrates me and yet all at the same time free’s my mind up to allow spontaneous images and ideas that end up in my writing (oh god this sounds awful and pretentious). I had no idea how to get this thing that happens in my head whilst I am writing down on paper (so to speak) and how to articulate it in an understandable way because I don’t even really understand it, all I know is that this idea of dark and light appears time and time again in my writing and that there are these series of images, maybe 3 that come into my head, completely naturally, before and during the time I am writing. And those images are light and dark at the same time.


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