The importance of earnest writing journal keeping.

Writing journals are extremely important. They can provide an archive of stream like thoughts that you can look back on in a way that typing on a computer cannot provide. On a computer everything is modified, moderated and if you make a spelling mistake you are compelled to go back and correct it, for this very reason writing pen to paper can provide a more automatic documentation of what some may call a ‘stream of consciousness’ but what I more think of as an authentic way of knowing what is really happening in our heads, and what our real attitudes to what we are writing about are.
Writing journals are also great in terms of showing them to people who are interested in your writing. I took mine to uni to show people, and I found that it worked as a real representation for what kind of person I am, it showed my personality.

So…In that spirit I thought I would show some pages from my own writing journal.
These are pages I did recently where I am talking about the relationship between writing and the idea of eternity and how that is linked to the ideas of the universe.
hese pages are (on the left) a plan for new entries in my novella and then a plan for a poem about a fallen angel, and then (on the right) the research I gathered whilst on a 2 hour phone conversation with my dad about how a child would be classed as mentally unfit for interviewing by the police and then as a consequence be passed from the police onto the mental health services. It was a very interesting conversation for sure, and my dad being a forensic psychiatric nurse specializing in personality disorders definitely came in handy haha.
This is a page about my ideas conscerning a character in my novella, Alice, and her time at a psychiatric hospital, and more importantly the new characters this new environment will bring along.
his page focuses on the idea of some entries in my novella being set in the future, I have been playing around with this idea in my head for a while and putting some it down on paper will help me remember my thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed a little insight into my writing journal and I also hope it will make any writers out there who haven’t yet started a journal, begin one! because it really does offer another dimension to your work that just writing things up on a computer doesn’t.

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