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So, as many of you will probably have already gathered, I am an aspiring writer. I’ve written poetry since I have been very young and more recently began writing prose, the biggest of which is an underway novella. Now, I am sure I aren’t the only one out their so I am calling for help because, I am terrible at choosing titles.
The novella is a sort of psychological investigative thing, it will be split into three parts (due to it being set in entry-type things and not having chapters, I thought that would be the best way to split it) and follows the story of Alice Knight, who being the only witness to her sisters murder begins to be questioned for it. Alice and her sister Lyssa were extremely close, almost unsettling close as their parents didn’t show much interest in their lives and this relationship is explored through multiple flashbacks that slowly reveal more and more about the sisters’ relationship, more about their lives and more about who might be responsible for Lyssa’s death. The overall tone of the novella is quite dark and atmospheric and it being a 3rd person focalised narrative (through Alice) a lot of it is about growing up and understanding who you are and forming your own sense of self, which for Alice is 10x harder than the average 13 year old due to the extremely complex state of affairs she has found herself in. The other side to the story follows the 29 year old psychologist, Graham Pellman. He has been in the job for a short amount of time, 5 years maybe, and is the psychologist that has been appointed as Alice’s therapist, he is a quiet introverted and intelligent man who has a way with children making him the go to psychologist when anything to do with damaged/troubled children falls into the Police’s hands.
The murder of Lyssa takes place on Bonfire night 2012, and the present tense story follows on from that. Other parts of the story in the past, to do with Alice and Lyssa go back as far as 2006.

SO, with that overview I am hoping some of you other writers out there could help me?! I just need some tips on how people have decided on titles in the past, like how they have gone about it etc.. Would hugely appreciate ANY help
Thankyou, Bryony x

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