A few words on the immortality of the written word

Something that has always attracted me to being a writer is the idea of a part of me, and a part of me that I am actually proud of, being remembered, living on. This is a recurring idea with many writers. Where Shakespeare boasts of his faith in his writing becoming eternal, you have Keats’ anxieties about his work never being seen as worthy of remembrance.
I have personally never been scared of death, Its a notion I quite simply accept, because its going to happen whether I am anxious about it or not; however, the idea of not leaving anything tangible behind, no legacy, no matter how small, that actually scares me quite a bit. There are so many writers that I hold in high esteem, and their work has changed something about me, all I would ever wish for is that before I die, I write something (even if it is just 1 poem), that changes something in someone, or stays with them, and makes them show their kids that poem when they grow up and have them. It honestly doesn’t matter to me if it is just 1 person or 100,000…I don’t want to be famous or a millionaire, I just want some kind of imprint left on the world, after I go, to say, ‘I was here, and I did this.’


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