It’s been a while…

Hey everyone, I apologise for not posting in a great long while… I have moved house and we STILL don’t have any internet connection. And I can tell you, as someone who lives a good 60% of their lives on the internet for various reasons, I aren’t coping very well. It’s been hard. (lol)
Anyway I have finished my first year at York St John University studying Creative Writing and English Literature which has been amazing! I have learnt so much its almost unbelievable. I have changed my opinions about so much to do with feminism and issues to do with things like white privilege, and my eyes have been opened by many people on other issues such as white male privilege. I finished all my assignments on time and was very happy with a poem about Dark Matter that I completed for my Creative Writing portfolio.

In amongst all these things I have done for university I have also completed 16000 words for my novella (which, if it carries on the way it is, may turn into a novel). I am feeling very optimistic about how this piece is progressing and I am confident that it will be finished by the end of next year or beginning of 2016. In the mean time I am considering putting a collection of poems together and hoping to collaborate with either another writer or an artist.
Hope you are all well and I will upload some writing (poetry and such) soon!
Bryony x


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