Summer Journalling

I have posted about the importance of keeping a writing journal with some sneakpeaks into my very own journal and I got a few likes and comments on it so I thought I’d do another post!
I am currently house-sitting at my grandma’s house to look after her Persian cat and her little dog. She lives on the outskirts of Hull right near the countryside, so I always love coming here, it guarantees some much-needed time in the countryside. Being here also means I have some internet which is why I am typing on my blog this very moment!

Today I went for a walk at around 12 noon, I spent most of the day wandering but I took two breaks; one to sit by a small river that was covered in lilies, the second was in a small field covered in buttercups and I took this time to write in my journal.


The page on the right from my journal reads as follows…
‘I am currently sat in a small field off the main path near my grandma’s. It is sunny and I am surrounded by the golden-yellow faces of buttercups and suddenly, I feel the urge to write. I get like this a lot when I am somewhere peaceful and beautiful – when your surroundings are slowed down to just the hum of bees and the rustle of the grass and leaves your mind can start to let other things in. I think it is really important (for this very reason + many others) to visit the countryside every so often. There is something inherently relaxing about it; the way it makes you feel as though this moment could easily be happening 200/300 years ago – it is timeless- and it eases you into simpler, more airy thought. It is an impossible emotion to describe (the one I feel when I am out on my own in wide open spaces, or in little buttercup meadows like the one I am sat in, or a small wood), because it isn’t an emotion, it’s a state of being, it washes over your body and mind, like the coming tide, and engulfs you in it like quiet water.’
some of the buttercups from that small field.


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