A blurby thing.

In the spirit of getting you all interested in the book I am writing I thought I would share a blurb-type thing that I wrote when a published author came into one of our seminars at university and asked us to write a blurb for something we were writing currently, as part of an exercise… Continue reading A blurby thing.


Another mini review – Luther.

Luther There is a true abundance nowadays of good detective/crime tv shows, so much so (in the UK especially) that its hard to keep up with them, and then with the appearance of the much beloved gritty Scandinavian almost crime noire that followed after Stieg Larsson’s widely popular series of books - introducing us all… Continue reading Another mini review – Luther.

Science as inspiration.

A few words about what inspired me to write the poem about dark matter, and why I am so interested in it. ‘The Dark’ is about the scientific enigma, dark matter. Phillip Pullmans trilogy His Dark Materials are a brilliant example of how creativity and science can go hand in hand. Holding the image of… Continue reading Science as inspiration.

Musing over dark matter.

The Dark. It is but isn’t there. Like the shadow someone leaves after they die. Shadows, shadows that dance in the blank pages of the universe. I see the sky at night. Looking out from my desk or from my bedroom window, I see its splendour. It doesn’t have any gaps or chapters missing. Yet,… Continue reading Musing over dark matter.

Making a Facebook page: WHAT ARE YOU?

Yeah, so I have made a facebook page > https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bryony-PS-aspiring-writer/698956106856047, mainly because my brother talked to me about online marketing and how most writers nowadays start off online and that I should try and get my work out there more... So I clicked on the 'make a page' thing and started filling in the details, and there's this box you… Continue reading Making a Facebook page: WHAT ARE YOU?