A mini review on one of my favourite tv shows – Les Revenants

Les Revenants (The Returned)

A truly beautiful and eerie story from France of how we as humans deal with death, what death is, what it means to be human and if in dying and coming back you can be transformed into something that is less than human.

Airing in the UK on Channel 4 it was surrounded by a years worth of great tv but by no means was this European drama lost in amongst all the rest. From the title/opening credits of the first episode, where we see a dead, pinned butterfly breaking out of its glass frame I was so utterly intrigued…


Its such a simple idea, which evokes so many moral, ethical and philosophical dilemmas – if those things, whether they be animals or humans, that have died, came back; where do they belong? Are they human? If they are human are they the same person? If who we are is only a mixture of electrical signals in our brain and how we process them, where did that person go when they died in order for them to come back?
I love any tv show that makes me question things about life and people and this did that in bucket loads.
So with a mixture of amazing story telling creating truly innovative intrigue (just to pop something in here, the old flooded town under the lake/reservoir?!), a way of shooting the scenery and inner space of the peoples homes that had the feel of a gothic horror story and a beautiful soundtrack thanks to the Scottish band Mogwai; it most definitely hit my top 5 tv series of the last 2 years.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYSdLYmfQG4 – the main theme for the series by Mogwai.


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