Making a Facebook page: WHAT ARE YOU?

Yeah, so I have made a facebook page >, mainly because my brother talked to me about online marketing and how most writers nowadays start off online and that I should try and get my work out there more… So I clicked on the ‘make a page’ thing and started filling in the details, and there’s this box you have to fill in, to tell them ‘what you are’, and so of course I chose ‘writer’. But it just made me think, ‘am I a writer?’ ‘how do I know when I have officially become a writer, who decides?’. I mean I have only had 2 poems published in 2 anthologies, so does being widely published make you a writer? I have no idea. I guess I have always felt like a poet, because that title is linked to who you are as a person (you know people say ‘oh he had a soul of a poet’ blah blah) but the title ‘writer’ seems so businessy and all about what you have rather than who you are and what you do, which is how I see being a writer, its not only what I do, but who I am… But anyway, completely contradicting that and going with the ‘writer’ title as a label and going for the advertising and all the stuff I don’t really like, I have made a facebook page under ‘Bryony P.S, aspiring writer’ so you can like it if you want, or not, that’s okay too. I feel as though I am not doing this correctly.


2 thoughts on “Making a Facebook page: WHAT ARE YOU?”

  1. A poet is someone who loved the words and expresses with verbal or written words of love, hate, happiness and sadness. Becoming a good poet. Take life experience and reading. We learn from each other.

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