A blurby thing.

In the spirit of getting you all interested in the book I am writing I thought I would share a blurb-type thing that I wrote when a published author came into one of our seminars at university and asked us to write a blurb for something we were writing currently, as part of an exercise to do with working with literary agents…

The 5th of November, 6 pm, 2012. Two sisters are taking refuge from a loud night full of people and fireworks. The house is dark and only the light from the exploding rockets is revealing the shadows in the front room, which they have taken for their cave.
By 9:30 pm only one sister will be left.

A tangled story of memories, dates and moments in time. And a claustrophobic insight into the world of two sisters and the struggling life of a newly qualified Clinical Child Psychologist who is desperately trying to find out what happened, on the night that one of those sisters was murdered.


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