Something nothing to do with writing but so important.

So I just watched Emma Watson’s UN speech, and I felt it was important to share…

I haven’t as of yet seen a speech, or an article that so very articulately and most importantly FAIRLY approaches the issues surrounding gender equality in the modern day. She holds up the argument beautifully and sensitively for both men and women and the different kinds of issues facing men and women, whilst all the while delivering on some serious ‘fist in air’ punching moments. You can tell she’s a little nervous, but heck who wouldn’t be and you know what, I like it, it means we can see how much this means to her, she comes across as completely sincere and wonderfully passionate about this issue. She talks to us all as people, with no bias or prejudice. I like many other people (I say people here instead of women for a reason), when I was younger, was tricked into thinking I wasn’t a feminist due to what the media displays feminism as, and what our society has made it in to – men hating. So, there are so many people from my generation, men and women, who think feminism is not for them, when it is, it is for everyone. The word can be a difficult one to bring men round to because yes, the word does come from ‘feminine’ it comes from what it ‘means’ to be a women in our society, but as Emma says, the word is not important, the idea behind it is. And it is the idea that is every one’s, both men and women alike. There will probably be a lot of people out there that are questioning Emma’s ‘right’ or how she qualifies for the role that she has been appointed, but as she said ‘If not me, who?’. I think it is a brilliant speech and I am so happy she is the UN’s women’s goodwill ambassador.


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