Another night of howling, coming from under the floorboards. Smelling of earth, woods and leaves; their paws dig. Claws at my head and at the breaks in the wall, open gaps letting in the night of a February eve. Their tails brush the plumes away from my dusty house, leaving hairs from the forest in… Continue reading Wolves.


Weekly Poetry

So last week I missed my weekly poetry goal (*cries and begs for mercy* lol), so apologies for that. This week for my poetry class at Uni we had to write a poem based on the ideas or form used in one of Claire Trevien's poems for her collection 'Shipwrecked House'. I chose her poem… Continue reading Weekly Poetry

Monument on a tree.

Walking through the maze and hazes of trees and possibilities, a creature with crow wings and a beak like a circle came pointing at me from a bush. Not an animal like any creature I had seen, though it shivered and jolted like one. Perched, on an unstable branch crying in the wind, its brim… Continue reading Monument on a tree.

Weekly poems.

So, for this weeks poem at Uni, we had to write something (in any form) that followed the subject matter of a commonplace object being transformed into something magical, mysterious or beautiful... Yet again I was really nervous and unsure about my poem but work-shopping it actually made me a lot more confident in it,… Continue reading Weekly poems.

Knocked down

12 noon, down one of many streets. Strewn to the side with the mud and leaves. Police lights flash in windows and in eyes, Mrs Berry desperately acting surprised. I ask a neighbour “what happened?” He says the boy was rushing to a lover when his life was ended. Two doors down, the story is… Continue reading Knocked down