Couplets and half-rhymes.

For my Creative Writing workshop at Uni, we were asked to write a poem, entirely in couplets and with some half-rhymes, we weren’t allowed to use full rhymes. I actually found this a lot more challenging than I had anticipated and spent a few hours constructing my poem, then going back to it to change a few things. On Friday, we brought our poems in, and were split into groups for each of us to read our poems out (we also handed out hard copies of our poem for the people in our group to read) and have it reviewed, given praise and constructive criticism; this is the part which everyone usually hates and starts getting nervous about, and I am no exception. I get really nervous reading out my own work to people, and pretty much all the time think other people will think its crap…

I was put into a group of 4 and we each had around 8 minutes to read out or poem, have the rest of the group talk about it, then talk about it yourself. Everyone’s was really good and all very different in my group and I was last, so, I was pretty nervous, plus I’m ill at the moment so haven’t got the best speaking voice. I was completely shocked at the compliments and praise I got for it, and 100% took on and agreed with what constructive criticism I was given. All in all it was actually a really good experience to start off the year with and everyone in our class seems really open minded and ready to speak about stuff which is always good – nothing worse that awkward silence. So yeah, long story short it was actually a very good experience! And I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of it, who isn’t sure, to go to creative writing workshops (if you can find any) and get involved in reading your stuff out, talking about it, talking about other people’s work, it really helps you in the process of putting your work out there and not just keeping it to yourself.

Oh and now that I have a bit more confidence in this poem, I am going to post it on here momentarily…


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