Words on ‘Holes in the countryside’.

Well, to start off, thanks to wordpress and its text formats being extremely strict, the poem is not publishing how I want it to look and how it looks on Word so…
holes in the countryside

This is how it actually looks.
My idea for this poem came about from looking at news headlines, thinking about writing about something completely different to what I would normally lean towards, and messing around with the 14 line sonnet form. The headline I chose to focus on was on the issue of ‘fracking’. To those who don’t know, the government here in the UK is going to be allowing the companies running the fracking in our country, to drill under farmland without the landowners permission. I don’t have a definite stance on fracking particularly, I don’t think it’s the best idea to deal with our slowly depleting sources of energy, but it is also something that I don’t really know enough about to be 100% against. So, I thought it’d be interesting to mess with some of the paranoia surrounding it and create a poem that shows a world before, and after fracking has taken place. Now, I am from Yorkshire, and have grown up around beautiful green countryside, all my life, and I am an avid lover of nature and the preservation of it, so, as in Tolkien’s post war of the ring Hobbiton, I thought the ruining of our countryside was a pretty awful, apocalyptic picture to paint, in contrast with what I love about the countryside we currently have.

The poem (as it is on Word, thanks a lot WordPress), can be read separately in two halves or all together, (the lines on the right making one poem and the lines on the left making another) my main aim was to create an uneasy and unsettling sense of contrast and juxtaposition between the quiet of the pre-fracking Yorkshire countryside, and the cracking, breaking, loud post-fracking landscape.


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