The love story between films and writing.

I can very often tell if a film has really impressed me or had an effect on me if I have the urge to write afterwards. It doesn’t have to be directly related to the content of the film, and the film certainly doesn’t have to be about writers or writing; however, every so often, a film about writers pulls a chord and reminds me of why and how much I love writing…

So, last night I watched John Krokidas’s film about Allan Ginsberg and the first Beat generation writers and thinkers, ‘Kill Your Darlings’. A truly heart wrenching film that re-kindled my love with Beat poetry and spurred me on to want to read the works of writers like Kerouac. I was wonderfully surprised by Daniel Radcliffe as Ginsberg, it was an eye opening performance to his acting abilities.
Every so often however, an actor comes along and delivers a performance that is haunting, exquisite and spellbinding, and to me Dane DeHaan’s performance as Lucien Carr was just that. Sometimes actors manage to pull off that perfect balance of extrovert charm, and vulnerability – DiCaprio was wonderful at this as well.
When I finished the film I rushed upstairs, picked up my notebook and wrote 5 poems.
One of which I will be posting momentarily and is a sonnet which is a kind of Ode to Lucien Carr and DeHaan’s rendition of Carr.


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