Restricted thoughts.

There was a pond that was a lake, and a sky that stretched off into white. A hushed afternoon. The land shifts us, bearing lofty airs that sweep up Northwards. This place is ours and we will break it, smash through its pristine turfs, knock over the words that build barriers. And I will sit… Continue reading Restricted thoughts.


Turning 21.

So, here it is, the last birthday that really means anything and that anyone actually wants to celebrate, and I must say being able to drink, legally in the US hardly feels like a reason to celebrate. lol. But yes...On the 6th of January 1994, a Thursday I was born...12 days late, lol. However! There… Continue reading Turning 21.

A night like dying sparks, eyes like the shards of gloom caught at the end of a cigarette. If only you could have a friend in this quiet Hell. A way to ride out these fields that lap the infinite strands of sorrow, onto your cheeks. Find an opening into the morning, and map a… Continue reading


A far off whisper from the distant universe. It challenges you to fight. Because the world is wide and microscopic, minuscule insignificance's block the streams of dust falling from outer space, settling around us, teasing of other worlds. Where love is a hollow middle give me the stars, their compact atoms made up of everything.… Continue reading Distance.