Turning 21.

So, here it is, the last birthday that really means anything and that anyone actually wants to celebrate, and I must say being able to drink, legally in the US hardly feels like a reason to celebrate. lol. But yes…On the 6th of January 1994, a Thursday I was born…12 days late, lol.

However! There is a pro to all of this ageing… My favourite novel/s of all time is the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, and the day after my birthday I am going to Oxford for 3 days and two nights! Planning to visit the Botanical gardens and sit on Lyra and Will’s bench (probably cry my eyes into a red mess), see Port Meadow, go to Exeter College and spend some time riding around Oxford on the bikes they provide at the Hotel (which is super posh, squeeee). As well as this I am going to a William Blake exhibition, at the Ashmolean museum, and he is (next to Keats) my favourite poet! So, it should be a pretty lovely week! Hope you have all had a great start to 2015 and are all dealing with going back to work/starting work for uni/going back to school or college.
Lotsa love,
Bryony .x.

1 thought on “Turning 21.”

  1. Happy Birthday! (late :D)
    I was born 10 days late or so XD no hurry to be on time… Lovely idea to go to Oxford 🙂 because of His Dark Materials it’s so on my to do list

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