Book Review – Patrick Ness’ More Than This.

I read this book as part of a module for the English Literature side of my course at university, called ‘Cultures of Childhood’, it was the last text on the module that we studied - it certainly left a lasting impression. I hadn’t even heard of Patrick Ness before being introduced to him by my… Continue reading Book Review – Patrick Ness’ More Than This.


Anima Poetry Magazine.

A few weeks ago for part of my creative writing course at Uni I sent off three poems to Anima Poetry Magazine including a cover letter (which I had never done before). I heard back off them today, and they're publishing two of the three I submitted for certain and still considering the third! Suffice… Continue reading Anima Poetry Magazine.


"He isn't worthy of your efforts." I say to him over my hand as we're sat on the bench we always sit on, ready to choose, ready to pick one. "Maybe not, but I want him." Aidan spits, the words spraying out from behind his teeth like acid. "You should go for someone more, eligible.… Continue reading Pushing.

The man wearing black: A 55 Word Story.

The wind blows loudly at the window, but outside the trees are still. “How long do we have?” She asks the man, all in black, sat in the corner. “You know I can’t tell you that.” He replies. The sky grows darker, the wind still blowing. “This can’t be it.” She says. “But it is.”