“He isn’t worthy of your efforts.” I say to him over my hand as we’re sat on the bench we always sit on, ready to choose, ready to pick one.
“Maybe not, but I want him.” Aidan spits, the words spraying out from behind his teeth like acid.
“You should go for someone more, eligible. Someone who matches your status.” I’m trying to sway him, but it doesn’t feel like it’s working. This one is mine, he has been for the last three days. Why would I let Aidan take him?
“You do know flattery won’t work with me. I’ve made my decision.” Aidan chides.
We sit for a moment in complete silence, the vile specimens of the every day rushing around us, storming towards to pointless nothingness of their lives; no purpose, no power over anything. I look over, for the first time since we began talking, to the man we both have chosen. When I and Aidan started this I didn’t consider this ever happening. Not Aidan, with his suits and his perfection; why would he ever choose the same kind of prey as me?
“I want to see his face, and what it looks like while I cut off his fingers.” He’s taunting me now. He’s mine! We agreed he was mine and that we were going to find someone else for him. He’s mine. He’s mine.
I calm myself down a little, trying to stop myself imagining what Aidan’s eyes would look like with my thumbs in his sockets, blood dripping down my wrists.
“We could always do it, together?” I mutter, almost too quiet for even myself to hear.
“What?” He snaps round.
“We, we could do it together?” I gulp the nervousness down in my throat. My eyes scan his face, severe and full of power, so impressive and yet everyone else in the park, and everyone at his work; they probably think he is completely normal.
“Haha! You mean, share? Haha!” He laughs at me, harsh and loud. The kind of laugh you’d imagine a wolf to have, a wolf who has killed off the rest of his pack so he can have his share of the meat to himself.
“I know, I know we’ve never-” I stop for a moment and lean forward “killed, together before.” I whisper.
“Oh, no one is listening. They’re all too busy doing nothing.” He grumbles, leaning back on the bench with his arms resting up on the wood, and his right leg comes up, settling his ankle on his left knee, his expensive leather shoes and pristine dark grey trousers showing from under his coat.
“I think we could do it. We could work something out.” I state.
“Never. It isn’t happening, so you might as well get it out of your mind.” He hangs his head back, carelessly, as if we were talking about planning a holiday, except he never takes holidays.
“You, you could actually kill him. I just – I just want to do the stuff I usually do before?” I counter him.
“I can’t see that going well.” He fights back.
“Killing -” I get nervous about people being able to hear us again, so I say under my breath, “it doesn’t interest me as much as it interests you, I don’t need it.”
“I don’t ‘need’ it.” He almost growls at me.
We only have ten minutes left and he has to leave, back to the tall buildings and people, people everywhere. I sigh to myself as the afternoon drags down my shoulders, making me slide down in my seat.
“All I was saying, is you can do it Aidan, that, it’s yours to have.” I plead, and he looks at me strangely, his eyes squinting at me crudely from the side. It’s odd knowing the secrets in someone, the one’s kept right at the bottom of the deepest ravines in their mind, and yet not knowing anything else. I suddenly find myself wondering if he has a girlfriend. Does she know? Does she welcome him home after a night of killing with a hot meal? Does she ask how it went? Did it all go to plan? “Oh you’re the best babe.” She’ll say when he tells her he’s gotten rid of the body successfully. “I’ll cook your favourite.” Wait, of course she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know. What am I thinking. She doesn’t even exist. Right?
Suddenly I’m aware that he is still looking at me, I catch his glance, but look away quickly. He leans forward, his elbows resting on his knees, and he smiles. He smiles like he knows something, something I don’t.
“OK.” He says simply.
“OK, what?” I shuffle forward in my seat.
“OK, we’ll do it together.” And he pulls a cigarette out of his pocket. He stands right in front of me as he lights it so that all my vision is taken up by him. Everything seems so completely soundless for the few seconds that I watch him inhale the smoke.
Even though I want him to agree, I didn’t really expect him to say yes, and its making me nervous. “Sh-should I bring anything?” I question.
“Rope and a drill.” He says with a snarl, and walks away.
I watch him move slowly around the curvature of the path, his eyes and head fixed forward, nothing peaking his interest. That’s when I see who he is going to walk past. Aidan slows down, and turns his head looking at a man sat reading and listening to music. He focuses everything in him onto this one man. Someone most people would probably never notice, but I did. Aidan did. And as he is about to pass him completely, the man with the headphones looks up and Aidan nods at him.
He nods at the man we will murder tonight.

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