While I’ve been away.

So I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while, (huge apologies). Life has been go go go over the last month. Lots of work at University, which was both good and stressful, other exciting things happening outside of uni so, I’ll fill you in on all the details!

Firstly, the magazine which two of my poems appear in (Anima) has been delivered and I will finally get to lay my hands on it tomorrow when I go home! So, I will post some photo’s and my reactions etc. when I get to see it.

In other news, (kinda connected to the previously mentioned info) I am putting together a poetry collection which, once I get a substantial amount of work in there I am hoping to send off to the editor at Anima as they are interested in the possibility of publishing collections in book form! For part of this I have been trying to really push myself to do new things with poetry, in this spirit I am currently in the process of writing an Ode, in iambic pentameter, but this got put on hold while I did my assignments for Uni.

I have reached 45,000 words for my novel (188 A5 pages), AND I finally have a working title!
So my first novel – a story about sisters, obsession, dependency, broken people closing their cracks (or not), a socially awkward child psychologist with a guilt complex, and who is trying to solve a murder – will be called, for the time being (drum roll), ‘Sister Wolf’…
I am pretty happy with the title for the moment and it’s given me the incentive to start feeling serious about the novel.

I also (as well as being published in the Anima magazine) feature in an anthology that a team of students (whom I was one of) designed, edited, got printed, found contributors from 3rd year and MA students work, as I wrote the Preface for it. I am super super proud of it and will also upload some photos of that on here.

Finally, to finish off, I wrote a short story inspired by the Gothic tales written by Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne about a town cursed with having their children taken from them, so I will upload that onto here asap!

Hope you are all well, sorry I’ve been away for so long and now it is summer I promise, I am back.

Bryony .x.


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