My first time…(being published in a poetry magazine that is)


During this year of study at York St John University in the UK I took a module on the Creative Writing side of the course that gave me the opportunity to practice writing cover letters to literary magazines. For this module we had to find a literary magazine (whether it was for prose, poetry or both), find their submission guidelines and write up a mock cover letter, which included pieces of writing that adhered to their guidelines. After this point we had the option of going on to send this cover letter and creative writing off to the magazine we had initially done the mock for, and well, I did! And boy, am I glad that I did.

Not many other people took the further step of sending off their cover letter and writing but I didn’t see a reason not to. And on the 19th of March I found out that the magazine I sent off to, Anima Poetry Press, would be publishing two TWO of my poems in their magazine. I was truly surprised, excited, proud, and above all just really eager to see the finished product.

The magazine’s first issue was delivered to all respected buyers and those who had their work in the issue in June and I thought I would share it with you and talk about what I thought about it!


The publication is truly beautiful. It’s small enough to hold and have in a bag, but not too small that it feels inadequate. The cover is simple but pretty and striking, and the paper inside (don’t mind me while I nerd out for a moment), the paper is just lovely. It’s thick and has the most luxurious texture to it.


Seeing my name, my stupid, long double barrelled name in an actual contents for an actual magazine, as someone who never really thought her writing would go anywhere (and I felt like that for a long time), is so fulfilling I can’t even put it into words.



The magazine, and Anima itself puts it, is a collection of poems ‘of soul and spirit’. This engaged me instantly whilst looking for a magazine to submit to, but I hadn’t thought much into just how much they meant what they said when adopting this as the magazine’s tagline, so to speak. The collection is a journey through, dreams, mythologies, other worlds and the placement of the poems is so clever and delicately handled that the whole thing ends up flowing and streaming into one another like a liquid beam of light.

I honestly cannot express just how humbled I am to have my two poems in this magazine, and have them in amongst such beautiful and inspiring poetry by other writers. It’s an honour and I am so, so pleased I decided to send my work off to Anima.

So, if you can, please do go and buy this magazine! Not just because it has my work in it and I want you to read my work, but because the people who worked on this magazine, for example the head editor, Marcus, are wonderful and have taken such care with it, and the other poet’s work in this publication that is at the most pleasing and highest level.


You can buy Anima issue 1 here >


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