I disappeared.

Life and work so often gets in the way, of more important things; like blogs.

Obviously I’m being sarcastic, however, I do wish I could have had more time recently to update this blog.

So, a basic breakdown of what has been going on since I last did an update. This could take a while.

The last time I really posted regularly was in summer. Since then, I started University again – this is my third and final year so it’s all a bit daunting but really wonderful too. At the beginning of September I also started a christmas temp job at Lush which ended on December the 31st, this was an invaluable experience and I have become so much more confident since gaining so much experience from them  – I couldn’t recommend working for them more. Lush also kind of played a vital part in me meeting someone who is now extremely, inexplicably important to me, and he is wonderful.

So I was working whilst doing uni all at the same time and it was very busy, hectic and to add to that I had two weeks away from both uni and work where I went to Thailand with my family (mainly for my uncles wedding), which I think I will do a whole separate post for. But anyway, this was yes a great experience but also a problem because I was missing stuff at uni. But I managed to tackle it and get decent marks in the two modules that I was away from for two weeks; so that turned out okay.

After Thailand I had two wonderful trips with University. The first of which was a creative writing retreat for two nights and three days in the beautiful Whitby in North Yorkshire (might do another separate post on this experience). The second of these trips was to London where we went to see a production of Henry V for the Shakespeare: Perspectives we were doing last semester. The production was amazing and being in London was fun as always, especially with my three housemates, who are basically my little York family and we all do the same modules most of the time.

Alongside all of this, I have been working on my dissertation, which I will do another separate post on in detail. Suffice to say, that yes doing a dissertation is stressful – that part isn’t a lie people tell you – however, I am managing to keep on top of it. All I can say, briefly, about dissertations and how to make things easier for yourself is this: keep a journal, do a tonne of research, even when you feel like you might not need to do any more, keep going, knowing too much about the subject you are writing on isn’t a problem.

The last thing to update you on is this:



At the beginning of November I was notified that I was shortlisted and then a week or so later I was told that I had been chosen to be published in Electric Reads Young Writers Anthology 2015. There was a really interesting editing process that I went through  with one of Electric Reads own editors that I will talk about in more detail in the next post. In December the anthology was printed, you can buy it on Amazon, and even from Waterstones. It’s a huge step and has made me realise what can be done when you just put yourself out there!

(More to come following this post.)

So, that’s been my last 4/5 months. Sorry I have been away, but I am back now. With at least 4 posts lined up for the next few weeks.

Thanks to those who have stuck with me!

Bryony x


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