Fighting writers block. 

So a lot has happened since I last updated this blog. Here’s the short version:

I completed my third and final year of university in York. This included my finishing of my precious baby, my dissertation…Which I got a 1st for!!! *distant cheers heard in the background likening to a live audience comedy show* I handed in my last ever essay and my last ever creative writing portfolio, the latter of which I got my highest ever mark on; suffice to say I was happy Uni ended on a successful note. I got a job at a vintage clothing shop in York, meaning I could stay here and not have to move back home. I moved house, lots of life stuff happened but I have come out the other end of it feeling okay.
There’s just one problem: I can’t seem to write. A poem here or there isn’t daunting and never has been to me really. But facing my novel that I haven’t really touched since before Christmas, or even completing the novel that my Dissertation started me on the path of, seems to be a whole other ball game. I don’t know whether it’s fear, the fact I’m working five days a week and I’m tired, maybe because I’m not at uni so im just not being MADE (sometimes what felt like at gunpoint) to write, I don’t know.

Either way, I figure starting to write on this blog again, a few times a week is going to help – it has to. So I’m hoping to do a post about my dissertation and then one about a proposed collaborative poetry project that is in the works (which was originally part of the piece of work I did for my last creative writing portfolio that I mentioned.

So here I am, heart on my sleeve and all that. A broken writer if you will, a dusty unused typewriter, cheese toastie maker, old mp3 from 2003…This went somewhere I didn’t intend.

Anyway, so I Bryony am asking for your help, writers of WordPress. With two novels in the works, a poetry collection on the horizon and yet 0 motivation to begin ANYTHING. What helps YOU when you’re having writers block? I’m reaching out a hand into the ether here, please don’t spit on it. (Haha kiddin)

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