Millenials don’t care.

You say we’re lost

in phone screens
that will one day melt
our brains.
You say we don’t talk
like you used to talk,
around dinner tables,
over your Sunday roast,
family dinners.
But you were speaking

empty words.

I say we are the ones
you’re scared of.
We are everyone,
we hear about what you did
on far off shores, distant lands
and at home.
We know who you are.
We don’t forget.
Like bioluminescent, microscopic
creatures in the sea, alone we are invisible to you;
but together
we illuminate the night.


3 thoughts on “Millenials don’t care.”

  1. Beautiful, well said. My blog is asking that Millennials and Baby Boomers do work together to “illuminate the night.” Think of the power in numbers we have and how those numbers will translate into real change. I know, as a Baby Boomer we can overdo, well, everything. But most of us believe to move change an inch you have to fight to move it a mile. Visit my blog at and read how I propose we do just that. Thank you, never stop writing. More Anon

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