What it is to be apart.

In the dreaming hours,

I am far away, drifting
through unconscious plains
or staring out to the sky of another city
another town,
another place,
without you.
The space between us is strained,
like an elastic band about to snap.
It’s filled with the things we whispered to each other on nights where we only had each others arms, hands, eyes and lips.
It’s solid, tangable and dense.
And I can feel your distance from me, where you are moving through the streets, music in your ears;
But if I concentrate it’s as if you’re right here, your warm skin touching my back, our hands together like the pages of a closed book.
But I can’t jump through this space, no matter how hard I try.
We are so far apart, and yet so close –
two stars in a clear night’s sky.


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