What’s coming up on here: some blog posts I will be posting shortly.

So we are almost into the second month of 2017 and I have formulated a plan of action for the next month and my blog!

1. Post I will be posting very soon: ‘Dimensions, The OA and being a weird kid’, This is going to be a bit of a different kind of post to what I would usually do, but more similar to in variety to my last post. I have decided I’m also going to use this blog to talk about stuff that interests me.

2. Post for next week: ‘Narrative voice and deception’, this post will focus on the development of the new short story I am writing and it’s narrative voice but also some of the best examples of deceptive narrative voice and why it is so effective.

3. Post for the week after next: ‘The OA, a new kind of spirituality’, yes this is another post on the Netflix Original ‘The OA’. The show quite frankly captivated me and so much of it NEEDS to be talked about to so that is what this post will be. Talking spirituality and science, multiverse, parallel universes, dimensions, ghosts, energies (you get the picture).

4. Post for the week beginning the 20th of February: ‘Documents on The Mysteries of Dark Matter: updates, collaborations, art, poetry and science’, this post is mainly going to be about me delving back into the poetry collection that I started last summer.


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