Where this blog is going…

After some thought and having spoken to a few people about how to make this blog successful, I am now going to be posting regularly, every week on Fridays! Hopefully I will be able to bring posting up to twice a week, but at the moment, my free time is a little thinly spread.

So, every Friday, expect a blog post from me. It’ll either be on my writing, something I’ve been up to (travel, events, lifestyle etc.) or an article of some kind. 

In between these bulkier posts, there may be some intermediate poetry posts, or updates. For anyone interested in keeping up with my poetry more frequently though, head over to my writing Instagram: bryony.e.p.s_writer, I try to post on there as frequently as possible and have been selecting poems from my ‘a poem a day’ challenge to post on there. So if you have insta, check me out on there.

So that’s it! I’m excited to get a bit more organised and serious with this blog, so, stay with me.


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