The next 3 weeks of posts from me…

So, now that we have a set date every week (if you haven’t read my post about this, find it here), I thought I’d tease you all a bit with what I am planning!

Next week – April 14th: ‘The Arrival and the language of film’, a kind of review, kind of discussion on how film is changing (for the better).

April 21st: ‘The process of drafting poetry’, in this post I’m going to talk again about my poetry collection in progress ‘Documents on The Mysteries of Dark Matter’ and how I go about drafting poetry, a form of writing people don’t necessarily think about doing drafts for.

April 29th: ‘From Celtic immortal to a new kind of vampire’, in this post I will be delving back into the ideas and research that I gathered when I started my dissertation; now that I am finally revisiting it and writing new sections.

So! That’s my plan for the next few weeks! I am super happy that I have gotten organised with this. My phone is currently completely broken and useless so I don’t know that I will be able to post any poetry in between the Friday posts but I will try!

Bryony .x.


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