Self-care Days: A Lesson In How to Be Kind to Yourself. 

When you’re working a fair amount it can be really easy to let days off disappear into a blur of lethargy and laziness. BUT, as I mentioned briefly in my New Years post, this year I made an aim to make more use of my time, in any way that benefits my life, look after myself a bit more and be more present in the every day things that bring me happiness.

So, with this in mind I thought I’d blog one of my days off this week, talk about some of the things I did Self-care wise and what I got up to in general!


A must for for my days off is a lazy, slow morning. I’m not a huge morning activity person and I’d much rather wake up fairly early (I think anyone who works 9-5/6 will agree that after a while it is impossible to sleep in past 9/9:30, unless you’re hungover maybe…), have time to revel in your bed and duvet, knowing you don’t HAVE to get up at all, wild I know; of course eventually though, I did get up. My boyfriend, Jordan has a lot of time off at the moment due to the Lush store that he works at being closed for a refit, which is fine with me because it meant we had the day together!

I got out of bed at around 10 and ran a bath. Most people don’t get baths in the morning but, if anything I enjoy them more in the morning. Evening baths usually come with the looming presence of getting to bed at a sensible time ready for work the next day for me, so morning soaks are a perfect start to a whole day off. While I was waiting for the bath to run I popped on a facemask. I find that looking after your health, such as eating well and caring for your skin so you’re proactively doing things to benefit your life makes a huuuuge difference in your positivity toward yourself.


One of my personal faves is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty. It’s packed full of mint and is extremely refreshing and revitalising, if you’re having a bit of a break out it’s really good for preventing any problem spots too.


While waiting for the bath I laid about in my room while Jordan chilled on his Xbox, read a bit and lit some incense….my all time favourite incense is Prem by The Mother’s India Fragrances (you can buy it from Shared Earth or Greater Goods and read about it here), its so relaxing, lasts ages and is just sweet enough.


For this particular bath I used the Lush Baa Bar (bubble bar), which is super sweet smelling and makes you’re bath water purple with plenty of bouncy bubbles!


A good tip I learned during my time working for Lush myself: crumble up your bubble bar and pop it into a little sieve or tea strainer, then run it under the tap! This way you don’t have any lumps floating about in the water and you get the most out of the bubbles!


After my bath and getting a sufficient soak, finishing a few chapters of my book and sitting in my facemask til it made my face do that super tight thing, I got out, moisturised up with Lush’s Charity Pot hand and body suitable heaven in cream form. Seriously this product has so much good stuff in it and bonus? Lush chooses a handful of charities that the money that they get from this product goes towards, cool huh?

After slicking myself up to the point that I could have probably slid along the walls downstairs to the kitchen, Jordan and myself made breakfast. A slow morning off always means one thing for us: bacon and eggs. Now, I don’t eat all that much meat anymore and we’ve both made a conscious effort to start supplementing meat with quorn. However, the odd rasher of bacon with scrambled eggs I just can’t resist (for now).


After breakfast and a much needed slow morning, we made plans for the afternoon, which came in the form going into town, looking at some Puma trainers that I’ve wanted for MONTHS, heading to the City Sceen Picturehouse here in York to see Guardians of The Galaxy 2 and afterwards finding somewhere for food as a treat (we don’t eat out very often).
At around 2 we headed into town and I made a beeline for Schuh, with the Pumas that were soon to be mine on my mind.
Suffice to say I tried them on and immediately loved them and bought them without A hint of guilty conscience. Another thing I’ve learnt to do is to not feel bad for buying myself the odd treat, when you’re making money for yourself there is no harm in getting some reward from that money.



From here we headed to the cinema. I absolutely love the cinema and the entire experience, trailers and all. So, on my day off a trip to the cinema is my perfect afternoon treat after a calm, chilled morning.

The film was so, so good. Really fun, generally uplifting, colourful and plenty of that brilliant interaction between characters that Guardians is famous for. Also, the Awesome Mix Vol. 2? Just as good as the first, the addition of Fleetwood Mac, maybe topping the first; possible controversial opinion?

After the cinema we headed over the river in York to Cosmo, an all you can eat in the city centre that literally has EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF. I personally stuck to Chinese/Japanese food, but Jordan branched out to the carvery section for a plate, possibly to his detriment because after a few mouthfuls he hit the full wall. The highlight of this trip for me had to be the very unexpected fresh Teppanyaki that they cook in front of you, and last but not least, jelly for desert. That wobbly stuff just makes me happy.


After a very slow walk home with VERY full bellies, we changed into comfy clothes and settled down to watch The Office US.

I have a few days out planned over the next week so I might do an extra post for one of these doing the same kinda thing!

Have a good weekend everyone!




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