On The UK General Election a Week Today. 

Choices are a part of our lives every day.We cross the road, we decide to follow one path instead of another. Consequently our world forms and is built around that choice. Our reality moulds around it. Choices have the ability to create worlds. Right now there are people who have had their choices taken away from them. Like a fish without it’s fins, they’re still, motionless, unable to move or decide on their path, only being carried by a current that is out of their control. 

We have a choice. That choice is a gift, it is precious and needs to be cared for and nurtured. Like a first kiss it shouldn’t be rushed, but relished and appreciated.

So here is our choice: we follow a person who is different, who holds up their ideals in their hands like the foundations of the earth we stand on. Or we follow a person who wants only what is deemed right for a vision of this country that doesn’t represent us. They want elitism, the success of the people at the top, who crush us. 

They have the simplest, most selfish, corrupt motive that has been fuelling human kind for too long: wealth.

And I ask why, why should I have conviction in a woman who cannot even have conviction in herself.  


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