Escaping Into The Countryside: Another Trip to Goathland, North Yorkshire.

Myself and my boyfriend, Jordan both believe it is extremely important to our lives and wellbeing to get back to nature and immerse yourself in the wilderness. Most young working people and post grads live in cities and highly built up, populated areas, it can feel like it’s impossible to find the time to really get away just for the day. The reality is however, in most places in the UK, you’re only a short bus/train ride away from finding yourself in forests, fields and by quiet rivers. So here’s just one place you can escape to if you live in the North of the UK. So if you’re in/nearby to York, this is definitely one place to check out.

On the 24th of May I woke up at half 6 in the morning. I opened my curtains and a cat in the neighbourhood that likes us was sat waiting on our wall, I woke up Jordan, we said hi to the cat, and started about getting up and ready for the day. Jordan had made some super filling smoothies for us to drink that morning before going out so we finished those off (Jordan had some cereal and a slice of toast too, it’s confounding how much tall guys need to eat).

We were up so early because we were heading out into the North Yorkshire (NY) countryside. Luckily from York there are many bus routes out towards the coast that go through remote villages in the North Yorkshire Moors (NYM) til you get to Whitby, by the sea. To get to Goathland NY with plenty of time to spare we had to get a bus at 25 minutes past 8 in the morning. The bus takes around 2 hours so we got into Goathland at around half 10. There is one public toilet in Goathland, in the car park, so if you’re visiting and planning on heading out to one of the walks through the woodland or countryside, I’d recommend stopping off there first.

From the car park toilets we headed out to a different route. One of the easiest and most simple routes in Goathland is to the Mallyan Spout waterfall. It’s a beautiful walk and the Mallyan spout is a magical place, but we had already done it before, just last year. So we opted for a different route that took is out of Goathland, round to another tiny Yorkshire village called Beck Hole which would then loop us back round to the footpath that takes you back to the Mallyan Spout, coming at it from a different direction.

Jordan is always the one leading when we go anywhere because I have 0 sense of direction, so he had his Google maps out and we decided to head off the main road and follow a small footpath down towards where the train tracks in Goathland are. This footpath took us down to an area of Goathland I had never seen before, a pretty big old school bridge, with the train tracks running over it, stretched over the river, underneath the railway bridge there was a small wooden footbridge. You could climb down to where the river was so we decided to have a little explore.


The river was very low and the rocks on its bed were showing up like mountains appearing from under snow. We walked out on them to the water and looked back up the river, seeing where the path we were on would take us.

Back up on the path we found a waterfall down below us. The path that wound its way down to it was overgrown and clearly not used properly anymore. We were super unsure of how to go about getting down to it or whether it would even be worth it, but we can be quite adventurous so we went for it.


The waterfall was beautiful, all around it green, green, green! I thought at first it might have been the Thomason Foss, one of the three waterfalls in and around Goathland and Beck Hole, but it turns out…it wasn’t (lol), so we have no idea what this waterfall is or whether it is named, maybe we discovered one? Jordan and I would have to come up with some kind of name for it if we did, but I’m feeling that the initials of our first names probably won’t be appropriate.

Jordan managed to scramble down to another part of the path that ran alongside the river, but on further inspection it was clear that this path really wasn’t used by walkers, so we decided to head back up and try and find another path that looped back round to the Mallyan Spout where we wanted to stop for Lunch.

As with a lot of instances with Jordan and I, just when we thought we were a little lost and that we might have to go back up to the village and take the usual route back to the Spout, a local appeared on the path and gave us direction back up to Beck Hole and then on to the footpath through the woodland and finally to the Spout.

It was all a pretty easy walk and at this point it wasn’t even 12 yet so we could take our time. The day was bright and beautiful, the sun illuminated the green in the leaves and grass.

Out of Beck Hole we took a path into the woods. We took in the surroundings, breathing in the pine trees, bathing our faces in the sun that broke through the branches above. Being in woodland/forests when it is sunny is the closest I get to a spiritual experience (that and being by the sea). There was no one else around and we found ourselves in a clover covered wood. We even stopped to try and spy a four-leafed one.


The path lead on and we came upon, what we both could only describe as the PERFECT spot for a location shoot in a film/tv drama.


The photos really don’t do it any justice, especially seen as I only had my Iphone 4 at this point before getting my current one. But the light in this specific spot really was just MAGICAL.

After a divert through the woods and then having to turn back because of a very muddy, boggy path we finally made it to the Mallyan Spout. The last time Jordan and myself was there it was early April last year and the trees were bare, it was very lacking in green. This time however, it couldn’t have been more different!


I’m really glad Jordan got to see it in all it’s green glory. We chilled by the waterfall for a good 30 minutes before, as always it seems, just when we get there hoards of people show up. But it while it was quiet, it was a real moment of peace, and reflection. It had been over a year since going there the first time round, at which point we had only been together 4 months. Time really does fly, and being out in the countryside, away from cars, too many people, too many buildings, it really makes you appreciate the time you
do have. And I guess I know I couldn’t be any happier spending mine with anyone else.



Heres a website that can help with footpaths etc around the area we went to. 


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