Writing on Wednesdays #6


I wonder if the universe
is watching,
cradling my fate
like a nurturing
looking on
with plans
beyond my comprehension,
holding all the good things
that are yet
to come,
close to her heart,
like a winning hand,
ready to make up
for all the pain.

But when I stare
up at those stars
the same ones that fill
my small section of
the sky, the one that resides
just outside my window,
I know in my chest,
just as you know
you have miss stepped
in the dark,
a heavy, burdened
that only I can create
the world
that I want to exist in.
From my eyes to my
I am the stars,
I am the galaxies
I am the comets
and the ghlosty nebulas
in between:

I am the universe.


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