Autumn Things: Part 1.

Home, crafts and creativity.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, where the change in weather, the leaves, the shorter days and longer nights catalyse a transformative psychological process in us, we reflect, look forward to the end of the year and to the start of a new one.

This time of year has been ingrained into us as an important period of our lives for thousands of years, our pagan ancestors celebrated the Autumn Equinox or Mabon, then moving onto Samhain, the old Celtic new year, a festival that is simultaneously about looking to the past, remembering, saying our goodbye’s and also welcoming winter. Nature is close to us during this time and we notice it more than any other season.

With all of this in mind, it is the perfect time to set aside precious hours to yourself, to reflect, to express your creative side and to create a space that you feel comfortable and cosy in.

2017-10-19 03.01.56 1.jpg

A wonderful way to connect and get in touch with this transformative psychological period that I previously mentioned is getting involved with what Americans have been doing seriously for MUCH longer than us Brits have: fall decorating. I bought myself some autumn/fall maple leaf bunting from an Etsy Shop, TheBuntingStop shop. I also bought 5 mini gourds (for £2.99!!!) from the market in the City Centre, an autumnal houseplant and paired with a pumpkin and spiced maple candle from Home Sense our livingroom looks and smells like autumn… Yum. These items give the home that perfect warm colour inside that we are seeing in the leaves outside.


Spurred on by the autumnal bunting that I bought from Etsy, I made myself some for the window, it was super easy, I drew out one and then simply traced around it around 2 centimetres bigger and then 4 centimetres. I drew the various sizes onto some red and orange paper and then used my colouring pencils to add a bit of detail. I made them in between me and Jordan finishing food and then watching something on the evening, over two nights. Doing something a little creative doesn’t necessarily have to mean setting aside loads of time.

Along with great smelling candles, another great way to make your home smell AMAZING and like the embodiment of autumn: foooooooooooood. We’ve been eating plenty of stew and dumplings which is the best because it can last you two nights, tastes great and is super comforting. Jordan’s (for those who don’t know, my partner who I live with) auntie brought us round some cooking apples too so we made a crumble. Apples in any form are great for this time of year, the smell of sweet apple baking is distinctly tied to autumn. As well as crumble I tried my hand at making apple pie, yes with Jusrol shortcrust pastry but, hell I work and my days off are precious, who has time for making pastry from fresh (ok it’s definitely down to laziness). I added a little (not as much as it said on the recipe) cinnamon too so as it was baking it smelt dreamy.

2017-10-18 05.29.49 1.jpg

2017-10-19 03.03.12 2.jpg

Expressing creativity in connection to the season can come in a number of ways, another way that I like to stay in sync with those great autumn vibes is through clothing. Fashion and how you style yourself, I really do believe, is a form of creative expression. This belief that fashion and style is for everyone else, to impress, to provoke a certain reaction, just isn’t the case, certainly not for me and many others: it’s about self and as aforementioned, creative expression. Over the years I have managed to build up a pretty decent selection of autumn colour appropriate clothing.



I journal quite a lot, whether it’s to do with my writing or random thoughts. Recently I decided that I was going to start doing creative, slightly more moodboard, sketchbook style journal pages on the seasons. I love nature and journalling my favourite things about the current season is actually really fun.


The mug pictured above is from Laura Ashley (autumn sale yey), the stickers from Moonlume on Etsy and the notebook itself is from Paperchase.

2017-10-18 05.29.48 1.jpg

2017-10-18 05.29.51 1.jpg

As an extension of being more creative in this transformative season, I have been trying to practice Modern Calligraphy, I really want proper calligraphy pens but that will have to wait. In the meantime, my ink pens and felt tips will have to do! I’m pretty rubbish right now but, practice practice practice! I usually love making people christmas cards so I’m hoping this year I can use my calligraphy practice for them.

I’ve also pressed a few leaves to use for blog posts and for general decoration and without an actual flower but plenty of books, I utilised 5 of them to achieve the same effect.

Autumn is such a good opportunity to really connect with nature, your surroundings and where you are as a person. I am so in love with it at the moment so I thought I’d do a few blog posts in an effort to pass on the excitement. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 and 3!




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