Autumn things: Part 2. 

Fall in love with nature.
This is more of a visual post this week, but I’m going to talk a little bit about the importance of nature in our lives and being in tune with the season. Don’t let this Autumn sail by you… Make an effort to notice it with these simple tips and I promise you’ll notice the benefits.

The leaves have changed, the mornings and nights are colder and it is officially the end of Summer! For many people the end of summer is a time of mourning… Saying goodbye to light nights and warm weather, it can even cause SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It is a transitional time but there are some beautiful things to notice that make the transition much easier. For me, this is my favourite time of year, the fact that it gets darker earlier actually suits me, I prefer it. But alas not everyone is a vampire so here are some things about Autumnal nature to LOVE.

Autumnal plants and vegetables come in the BEST colours. Make the effort to invest in them, way back when we could only survive off what was around us, before fridge freezers saved our lives, so having the natural goods of the season in your house and around you can connect you to that simple relationship between us as humans and the things that the earth give to us during specific seasons.

Noticing the transition from green to oranges, reds and yellows is important. It mentally prepares you for the extreme change from Summer to Winter, soon there’ll be no leaves so why not really indulge in the leaves while they’re there? Take time to doodle them, write poetry, photograph them, spend time in parks and woods.

The orange in the leaves connotes to fires on the evening to stay warm, toffee, pumpkins and in autumn everything around us feels super connected and no wonder, October is a busy month for spirituality, the Autumn equinox, Mabon AND Samhain on the 31st-1st of November.

Create homages to the season on windowsills, fire places and shelves. Indulge in flowers and candles that bring colour and uplifting, sweet smells to your home.

Forest Bathing or shinrin-yoku is a practice in Japan that involves taking trips to forests for health benefits. Studies in Japan have noted lower stress hormone levels and IMPROVED immune systems in those participants who spend more time in forest sand around trees.


Due to the results of spending more time around trees and in forests/woods being so positive; which I can definitely vouch for myself, partaking in this during October and November can be a great treatment for things such as SAD or just general mood changes and for those who just ain’t fans of the darker months. Plus a pro of it being colder? You can take your time in your chosen tree populated area without worrying about getting all hot and stuffy, get a little wrapped up in a soft knitted jumper and a chunky scarf.


There is a plethora of writing about Autumn, especially poetry, because it is such a evocative, thought provoking and reflective time of the year. It encourages thought and observation. Enjoy poetry, autumnal films, horror films, read outside with blankets, hats and scarves. I promise that if you seize all the benefits of the Autumn season the journey into dark, cold winter (WINTER IS COMING) will be much smoother and more enjoyable.


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