Happy New Year…(so I haven’t posted in a while)

The last time you will have seen me on your feed, the leaves were still orange and we had just celebrated Halloween. Well it’s January now so suffice to say it’s been a while…! Although I have a tendancy to kinda lose track of my motivation, priorities and the ability to be strict with myself fairly often, my last dip was (as some may have noticed) substantially longer than usual. 

I have posted about mental health in general and my experiences with it once before (I’ll link the post at the bottom) and one of the main points that i truly believe applies to many people who have experienced depression and anxiety is that the illness can be a high functioning one. Most of my day to day life nowadays I am happy, happier in myself, comfortable in my life and choices but over the second half of November and into December I had a bit of a dip that affected many apects of my life. This had a real knock on effect on my motivation and my determination to write and be creative. Which sucks, because it is something that really boosts my general enjoyment of life, of time alone and my image of myself. But luckily I have lots of great supportive people around me and I managed to do a lot of internal thinking and sorting through shit and feel much better. 

But all that said and moving forward: I had a lot of rest and chill time with the people I love over Christmas, spent a great new years in with Jordan, and enjoyed a very foody Birthday from the 5th of Jan til the 11th back in Hull with my mum.

So, feeling renewed and on my way to getting to where I want to be this year. I am back! I am going to be posting on here Wednesday and Saturday same as before. Keep your eyes peeled this weekend for a post about Netflix’s german Sci-Fi all round magical, sinister fairytale series ‘Dark’. 
P.s if you’re feeling the pull of that lingering mental illness that you thought you were long rid of; speak to someone, look after yourself and be strong. 

My previous post on mental illness.  


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