Ostara: renew, rejuvenate and rebirth.

What do we want?
When do we want it?

Anyone else sick of dark mornings, unwelcome spring snow and bitterly cold winds? Mhmm! I thought so!

When I looked at the weather forecast for York, England last weekend I almost cried, Saturday, Sunday and into Monday: snow. Take the hint, no one wants you anymore. Spring snow is basically that dude at a party who has drank way too much, keeps drinking and keeps getting in everyone’s faces thinking its still a laugh but now it’s 5am, everyone is sober and just wants you to LEAVE.

Yes it is at that point in the year where, if signs of spring and ultimately summer are not already on their way, it can feel like winter might just last for ever, and ever and ever and ever…

But of course, it won’t (envisions a George R.R Martinesque long winter). So in an effort to shake off this quite frankly crappy weather, I thought I’d focus on what is to come and what that can mean for myself, you and everyone else, spiritually.

This year, Imbolc, which traditionally celebrates the start of spring (Feb 1st) feels like it came and went without any real significant change. SO taking advantage of the transformative and renewing nature of Ostara (20th-22nd March) is the last chance to really open yourself up to (hopefully) the turn in the seasons. This is a time of celebration for the goddess, fertility, rebirth and renewal. Fertility doesn’t have to have any relation to actual screaming babies but instead this energy can be focused into fertile creativity, think of how the sun helps trees bare fruit and plants flowers, the same can be said for our own creativity.

🌸 5 Spring Tips To Reinvigorate and Refresh Spirit, Creativity and Motivation 🌸

1. Cleanse the home.

Whether you do this through a thorough spring clean, moving around some furniture, sorting through and recycling or donating some old clothes/belongings; Ostara is a great time to leave things behind from the winter and darker half of the year that you no longer feel are essential to your happiness and wellbeing.

🌸 Extra Tip: using scents, candles and incense to cleanse your environment is a great witchy addition to Ostara. Try opting for scents that reflect the season, spring blooms: Jasmine, marigold, lavender, or go for something more spiritually cleaning like white sage incense.

2. Connect with the growth of life around you.

Spring is a time of life and growth (eventually, we hope) so it’s the perfect time to plant some spring bloom bulbs in your garden, tend to some plants that have maybe become a little neglected over the winter. Or, if like me you don’t have an outside garden and you fill your indoor space with plants, maybe spend a day repotting, preening, taking clippings and creating new plants.

🌸 Extra Tip: as house plants go, succulents are super easy to repot and propagate once you have some succulent soil and enough pots, for more tips read here.

3. Spend time outside.

Now, I don’t know about where you are reading from, but here in England it is still pretty chilly so it can be ever so tempting to stay huddled up inside. However, Ostara is a time of true balance between the light and the dark, you will find that sunlight is at its most energizing over the next month or so, remember all winter your body and mind has been deprived of It! So, even if it’s still chilly where you are (if it isn’t, I envy you) try to get out, even if it’s only for 15 minutes sat out on your break at work or a short walk to a nearby park on a day off, give your body what it needs (the vitamin D) and appreciate some blossoming nature at the same time!

🌸 Extra Tip: in the same vein, actively appreciating the changes in light and dark can produce a more conscious and productive experience of the season, try lighting a white candle during light hours and a black candle in the dark.

4. Not goals but self wish lists.

Words like ‘goals’ ‘resolutions’ and ‘aims’ always feel super loaded to many, including myself. There’s a reason why New Years resolutions are a cultural joke and never really taken seriously. So instead I suggest this, just like we have wish lists for material things why not have a wish list for self improvement, spiritually enriching activities and happy making experiences. For me this wish list for my own winter trampled anima includes: yoga, doing more activities outside of work even if I’m tired, making plans with friends, being more ambitious, saving money more for travel, bake more, read more and watch less tv, go to the cinema more and finally start writing something and anything every day without self judgment, pressure and expectation.

🌸 Extra Tip: I think its a scientific fact that pretty much everyone loves a new notebook right? Now is the time to INDULGE in your dream notebook from Paperchase or Waterstones (if you’re me and in the UK, but I’m sure you have a place in mind wherever this post finds you). Why you ask? Because writing experiences down, thoughts, hopes and scrapbooking experiences instills a sense of presence in the moment and it’s also GREAT to look back at when winter comes round again.

5. Invest some time in a new hobby or reconnect with an old one.

Giving your brain some food in the way of new experience and stimuli is a great way to wake it up from its wintry slumber. We all tend to fall into a bit of a rut during winter, the weather sucks, days are short and all you want to do is spend your days and evenings under blankets or hiding in cosy coffee shops. For Ostara this year why not give a little love to that brewing creative fertility I mentioned previously? If you’ve always wanted to do crochet but never put aside the time, do it now! Always wanted to nail water colours? Grab a basic pallette, sketchbook and instruction book for a steal somewhere like The Works and get on it! Alternatively energise your brain with new physical activities or even educational ones. I’ve already mentioned that I’ve started yoga, which was a tad intimidating to me but I’ve been doing sessions alongside the yoga YouTuber ‘Yoga with Adriene’ and they’re super easy and she makes everyone feel welcome. I’m also learning German (again technically, kinda, GCSE’s were a long time ago) with the app Duolingo, you set yourself super easy daily targets and build up your fluency through listening, speaking and reading tasks. I have also decided to start setting aside a little time every week to write letters or send postcards to people I love. Even getting into a new podcast or book about something you have always been interested in can kick off that brain exercise we so desperately need after the darker months. If the task of deciding on something new is all a bit too daunting, digging back into a hobby or activity you once loved but that has been lost along the way can be just as rewarding, for myself I am going to grab my pens and pencils and get back into drawing because I always loved it but used the fact that I am no longer studying art as an excuse to not set aside the time for it; I’m sure there’s something just like this that comes to mind for you.

🌸 Extra Tip: finding a community to plant yourself in, whether it be in person or online can be really daunting. However, bare with me; being amongst like minded people, whether it’s people who want to learn Japanese, people who also want to run at 6am through a park before work, singers and musicians who gather at open Mic nights at your favourite bar or even a group on Facebook that shares stories, fan art and annecdotes about true crime (very specific but My Favorite Murder lovers out there will relate) really can help you grow.

The sun is finally out here in York, England as I’m writing this, maybe it’s a sign! I hope this Ostara themed post helped even a little, wherever you are. 🌸

2 thoughts on “Ostara: renew, rejuvenate and rebirth.”

  1. Great tips for my first time celebrating Ostara! I can relate to the new notebook love – I have notebooks that are “too pretty to write in”, but perhaps it’s time to crack them open and fill them with thoughts and plans!

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