Hear Me Out: Primark Makeup

So I am not usually one for posting about fashion, cosmetics etc. However I have always been a firm believer in passing on good money saving tips when you have them. Primark is one of those high street retail stores that rarely gets it really right (sorry). Too often even when a little tempted by… Continue reading Hear Me Out: Primark Makeup


Writing On Wednesdays #16 ‘Elm: Written From The Rage Of The Earth’

Scratch scratch We’re digging out. Climbing the roots of the earth like rope. Click click Lock your doors and lace your land with salt. Scrape scrape This wood won’t keep us in, Not for long. Lock your doors all you please. Scatter scatter We empty the town as light leaves. Quiet your children, go below.… Continue reading Writing On Wednesdays #16 ‘Elm: Written From The Rage Of The Earth’