Writing On Wednesdays #16 ‘Elm: Written From The Rage Of The Earth’

Scratch scratch

We’re digging
out. Climbing the
roots of the earth
like rope.

Click click

Lock your doors
and lace your
land with

Scrape scrape

This wood won’t
keep us in, Not for long.
Lock your doors
all you please.

Scatter scatter

We empty the town
as light leaves.
Quiet your children,
go below.

Crack crack

We break through
easily. The air
fills our appetites
with the smell of blood.

Hush hush

Don’t move, not a
finger, not a limb.
Don’t speak and hope
they pass us by.

Cackle cackle

Our laughter stings
the night. The birds
flee as we are born
from the elm tree hollow.

Scream scream

The silence is
consumed by the
sound of life being
snuffed, stopped, stolen.

Claw claw

We bury our talons
into your chest
and your rib cages
snap like kindling.

Burn burn

We don’t sleep.
Eyes stinging, burning,
strained from wakefulness.
Sobs signal the dawn.

Hiding hiding

While you think we’re
gone, we watch from
the eaves in your roofs
and through your floorboards.

Chatter chatter

They came from the hollow
it is said. They came from Hell.
We commit our loved ones,
chests hollow too, to the ground.

Taunt taunt

By day we pick at your
hair or pinch your legs.
How silly, solemn and
simpering you have become.

Prepare prepare

We gather food, books
of prayer and we baracade.
We will hibernate. We will try
to keep you out.

Shake shake

Our bodies are ready
for another feast. We shiver
with hunger, our desire is
bated and so we wait.

Huddle huddle

Another night of dread.
Crammed in like the dead.
Why are you here?
What do you want?

Scuttle scuttle

Down through your roofs
up through your floor.
We’ve always been here
waiting for you to notice.


You have forsaken
the earth you walk on,
squandered away,
scorched it.

It is time for you to pay.
soul by soul,
for taking what was always

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