Hear Me Out: Primark Makeup

So I am not usually one for posting about fashion, cosmetics etc. However I have always been a firm believer in passing on good money saving tips when you have them.

Primark is one of those high street retail stores that rarely gets it really right (sorry). Too often even when a little tempted by a shirt or a skirt you’ll be affronted with some extra detail that has no place being there. Just a little to the side of the mark or way off is usually the case with the super saver that is Primark. HOWEVER there is a shining beacon. Not only can they provide us with amazing cushions every so often but they have mastered something new: makeup.

I had seen online that some of it was brilliant and that you could achieve similar looks with their palettes as with palettes from brands such as Too Faced. So without further ado I dived in, got everything I could think of needing and thought I’d share the enlightenment.

To kick things off I started with some primer (a stick), concealer, BB cream foundation, some blush, banana powder, setting spray and finally a powder brush and contour brush.

I don’t have the best phone camera ever but I thought the best way to convince any doubters is to show what you can do!

This is the simple base that I started with: concealer, BB, I do my brows with a simple brow palette from a drug store and then a very neutral base of eye shadow with a little highlight on the brow bone, I used 2 ‘Nudes’ Primark palettes for this, as shown below.

From this base you can add as little or go as flamboyant and dressy as you want. But these eye shadows are great, the pigment is strong and doesn’t disappear over the day. You can build up the pigment through layers or just leave it looking very neutral. I also use Real Techniques eye shadow brushes, but those, my brow palette and my Benefit ‘Roller Lash’ mascara are the only non Primark products I use here.

From here I added a little darkness and warmth to the eyes with one of the rich golden, bronze chocolatey tones, under the waterline and on the lid, closer to the lash line and a little highlight to the cheekbones.

And I just kept building, blending and picking up more areas of the face with highlight.

On the part of the lid nearest to the lash line I really built up that warm golden bronzed brown and once I was satisfied with the blending and pigment I added a thin line of darker brown on my lash line, my mascara, blush to the cheeks and tip of the nose and a little more highlight (excuse me holding my fringe up it gets in the way).

Then with the edition of one of the Primark ‘Nudes’ matte lip paint I’m done!

Final edition of actual out of the house clothes and tadaaa.

I know photos don’t necessarily show as much as a video but I wanted to share this info with people! I love doing makeup and experimenting but always get put off by the price. Primark have somehow managed to replicate the effects of expensive makeup for less than half the price and I think that’s something to shout about.


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