About Me


My name is Bryony Eilish (first and middle). I am 25 years old and a lover of words. I write poetry, prose, currently have two novels in the works and occasionally write articles too.
In 2016 I graduated from York St John University in England with a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature.

Some of my favourite poets and writers include: John Keats, William Blake, Christina Rossetti, W.B Yeats, Allen Ginsberg, Rupi Kaur, Rimbaud, Philip Pullman, Mo Hayder, Patrick Ness, Jack Kerouac, Haruki Murakami and Stieg Larsson.

I have had poetry published in two of United Press’ anthologies, Anima Poetry Journal’s first issue and in anthologies published and printed by my University. In 2015 I, along with 24 other young writers won the Electric Reads Young Writers Anthology 2015 competition and had my short story ‘The Drude’ published.

I have also had two articles published by Thought Catalogue, an article on true crime podcasts on Navy Mag’s website.

At my workplace, Dog & Bone Vintage in York, I help to manage our social media platforms and also write for our blog.

I am currently living and working in York, England with my partner, Jordan; we have a little Ragdoll cat called Floki and both love to spend our time bingeing TV and watching lots of films, when we’re not travelling to as many cities around the world as we can that is.

To contact me regarding creative/writing enquiries email me at bryony_s@live.co.uk

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Bryony! I’m so glad that your 2 poems got published in a magazine! I’m a fanatic of poetry myself and because of your post I’ve decided to submit my poems on Anima Poetry too! How many poems did you submit? Did you submit more than 2? And how long since you submitted your poems did it take before they informed you that your 2 poems would be published? They have to be contacted first before you submit your poems. Did it take too long before they reply to your initial message? I wonder if you have submitted your poems to other magazines? I’m so glad that your name appeared on the magazine! What did friends and family say to you when they read the magazine? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. So sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this. It didn’t actually take too long at all, and even before confirming that my poems were to be published, they replied sending thanks etc. I submitted 3 poems and got 2 published. I have submitted to United Press in the past and have been published in 2 of their anthologies. Just recently I got a short story published in Electric Reads anthology of young writers for 2015 which was an amazing process! I have submitted to many other magazines and not been successful but it is all so useful just for learning about how it all works.
      I hope you got your poems published by Anima, and even if not don’t be disheartened and keep submitting! If you ever want to submit anything to a blog, I run a poetry/writing blog on tumblr too where I accept and publish submissions along with my own work. The blog is youth-grows-pale.tumblr.com
      All the best!

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