‘Look at this tangle of thorns’: Narrative Voice and Deception.

The voice of a story be it first person, an omniscient third person narrator, a third person focalised narrator (where the narrator is separate but not necessarily as distant as your standard omniscient voice) is often overlooked, going unnoticed; like a transparent filter we read through but are unaware of. I remember the first time… Continue reading ‘Look at this tangle of thorns’: Narrative Voice and Deception.


Heading for the stars (and beyond): creating a poetry collection.

The first time I came into contact with the idea of Dark Matter was when I was 17 and in the midst of reading Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. In the second volume of this trilogy, Pullman introduces the idea of dark matter being linked to parallel universes. To someone who has always had an… Continue reading Heading for the stars (and beyond): creating a poetry collection.

Creative Writing dissertations: a lesson in how to get your s**t together. 

In my third and final year at York St John University I undertook every students last stand: a dissertation. Because I was on a 50/50 split joint honors course of English Literature to Creative Writing I had the choice between a Critical dissertation or a Creative dissertation. So, yes partly because I new a critical… Continue reading Creative Writing dissertations: a lesson in how to get your s**t together. 

Words on ‘Holes in the countryside’.

Well, to start off, thanks to wordpress and its text formats being extremely strict, the poem is not publishing how I want it to look and how it looks on Word so... This is how it actually looks. My idea for this poem came about from looking at news headlines, thinking about writing about something… Continue reading Words on ‘Holes in the countryside’.

Weekly Poetry

So last week I missed my weekly poetry goal (*cries and begs for mercy* lol), so apologies for that. This week for my poetry class at Uni we had to write a poem based on the ideas or form used in one of Claire Trevien's poems for her collection 'Shipwrecked House'. I chose her poem… Continue reading Weekly Poetry

Couplets and half-rhymes.

For my Creative Writing workshop at Uni, we were asked to write a poem, entirely in couplets and with some half-rhymes, we weren't allowed to use full rhymes. I actually found this a lot more challenging than I had anticipated and spent a few hours constructing my poem, then going back to it to change… Continue reading Couplets and half-rhymes.

Summer Journalling

I have posted about the importance of keeping a writing journal with some sneakpeaks into my very own journal and I got a few likes and comments on it so I thought I'd do another post! I am currently house-sitting at my grandma’s house to look after her Persian cat and her little dog. She… Continue reading Summer Journalling