Summer Journalling

I have posted about the importance of keeping a writing journal with some sneakpeaks into my very own journal and I got a few likes and comments on it so I thought I'd do another post! I am currently house-sitting at my grandma’s house to look after her Persian cat and her little dog. She… Continue reading Summer Journalling


The importance of earnest writing journal keeping.

Writing journals are extremely important. They can provide an archive of stream like thoughts that you can look back on in a way that typing on a computer cannot provide. On a computer everything is modified, moderated and if you make a spelling mistake you are compelled to go back and correct it, for this… Continue reading The importance of earnest writing journal keeping.

A sneak peak into my writing journal.

My journal is a huge part of how I remember ideas, when I come up with possible names for characters, ideas for side characters, titles or just general thoughts about my characters or what I want to happen. I write pretty much everything from research I have done into personality disorders to what colour hair… Continue reading A sneak peak into my writing journal.