Listening to ‘DNA’ By Kendrick Lamar For The First Time.

There are some pieces of music, songs or moments within them that - if like you're like me and music is a huge part of your life - stick with you forever due to the impact it had on you in that moment. Kendrick Lamar's opener (after the intro) on his Pulitzer Prize winning album,… Continue reading Listening to ‘DNA’ By Kendrick Lamar For The First Time.

A New Blog Series.

In this new blog series I will be exploring moments with TV, music, film and literature that have made a really prominent impression on me. First up this week, I take a deep dive into the first time I heard one of my favourite tracks, from one of my favourite albums of all time: DNA… Continue reading A New Blog Series.

Speaking Above The Torch #3 

HANNAH. For my third installment of this blogseries I have turned to my dear friend and hardened skeptic: Hannah. She's the first to call bullshit on anything supernatural/ghostly; which makes it even funnier than her greatest fear comes in the form of a pale Japanese girl with long black hair covering her face, a fear… Continue reading Speaking Above The Torch #3 

Send me your spooks: Speaking Above The Torch. 

Its October... that means spooky times. A few months ago I started a blog series/project called 'Speaking Above The Torch'. Now, I'm sending out this to ask for a favour: have a spooky/weird/uncanny/generally odd story? It can either be something that happened to you directly or it can be your aunts ghost story she tells… Continue reading Send me your spooks: Speaking Above The Torch. 

Speaking Above The Torch #2

EMMA. For the second installment of this blog post series I spent an afternoon chatting, laughing, catching up and sharing spooky stories with someone who had an equally weird childhood as my own, my friend, Emma. The first post for this series focused on Annie, who's opinions are very different and undecided, Emma, however is,… Continue reading Speaking Above The Torch #2